Asia Pacific Halal Services New Zealand PTY 2011 LTD is authorised to conduct the following services granted by MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia)
We grant Halal certificates for processed foods including processed and further processed meats.

APHSNZ identifies the accreditation process as a part of the wider quality assurance system which underpins the manufacture of processed foods to meet Halal certification requirements in the country of destination. Quality assurance systems used to be associated with fit-for-purpose products and services but these days they are now closely identified with the concept of continuous improvement in the quality of provision of such products and services.

APHSNZ prides itself on providing a rigorous accreditation process which is uncompromising and which assures the integrity of products and the organisations which provide them. Asia Pacific Halal Services can provide, on request, full documentation of the accreditation process to be followed.


Halal Certification

We grant Halal certificates for Food Processing

Export Halal Certification

We issued Halal Certificates for the products you export to the world.

Halal Auditing

We ensure all our clients follow the Halal guidelines and produce Halal products

To apply for Halal Certification, you can now apply online. Click the button below…