Benefits of Halal Certificationaphsnz_header2

  • With the establishment of high standards and consumer confidence in APHSNZ certified Halal products, business organisations gain access to the vast marketing potential of Halal consumers in Indonesia. APHSNZ recognition provides export opportunities to the Indonesian Halal market;
  • A very important competitive advantage is gained;
  • The unique APHSNZ certification Mark (Logo) affixed on products is a means of greater promotion and gives a marketing advantage;
  • The assistance of APHSNZ personnel who provide ongoing support which leads to an effective and efficient Halal marketing strategy:
  • Accreditation and certification is provided whilst maintaining the confidentiality of company trade and product details.

Terms and Conditionsaphsnz_header3
The Manufacturer is required to agree to abide by the following terms and conditions governing the production of Halal Products.

  • Any changes to the manufacturers name, address, brand name, product ingredients, supplier or anything related to Halal products must be declared to APHSNZ. in writing.
  • To carry out the production of Halal goods in accordance with the Guidelines mentioned in this document.
  • To notify APHSNZ. of any policy or structural changes with the potential for impacting on the production of Halal Goods. The said changes will only take effect after written approval has been granted by the APHSNZ.
  • To allow APHSNZ access to documents/certificates accompanying the raw material used in the preparation of Halal goods.
  • To reimburse the APHSNZ. for expenses incurred by it in relation to visits undertaken by its authorised personnel, representatives and agents.
  • To pay on time all fees relating to the production, supervision and certification of Halal products.
  • To obtain an APHSNZ Halal Certificate for every Halal shipment unless other arrangements have been made prior to shipment.
  • To ensure that all raw material and prepared goods shall be acquired from suppliers approved by APHSNZ and kept segregated in storage from non-approved items.
  • To ensure that frozen, dried and processed ingredients as well as oils, fats, syrups, flavours, colourings and aromatics shall be acquired from suppliers approved by the Licensor.
  • To provide storage and preparation areas for Halal production and ensure segregation.
  • To comply with the cleaning requirements relating to all equipment, utensils, receptacles, benches, stoves and ovens prior to Halal good production.
  • To ensure that Halal and non-Halal goods shall not be prepared, mixed, cooked or heated in/on the same equipment at the same time.
  • To ensure that finished Halal goods shall be labelled with the APHSNZ Halal logo and shall be kept separate.
  • To guarantee that alcohol, intoxicants, pork products, animal products and ready made goods not approved by the APHSNZ shall not be used.
  • That Halal products coming into contact with non-Halal products shall not be considered at all.
  • Any breach of the rules and conditions mentioned in this document will result in the suspension of Halal programmes or any other action deemed appropriate by APHSNZ.

APHSNZ recognises its obligations to the applicant and as such, to the best of its ability will agree:

  • To treat all information given as strictly confidential.
  • To extend religious recognition to the authenticity of the applicants Halal operation covering the production facilities as well as the finished products.
  • To uphold and promote the reputation of the applicant’s Halal operation among Muslims within and beyond New Zealand.
  • To provide the applicant with all necessary advice for the production of Halal goods.

Not to withhold unnecessarily its approval of goods, suppliers, changes or supervisor


aphsnz_header6It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that renewal of approved for Halal products are carried out before the expiration of the Halal Certificate or Contract. To renew Halal Certificates the manufacturer must complete and return the form entitled “Halal Renewal Form” two months before the expiry date on the current Certificate. A Halal Renewal Form is required for each Product to be renewed.

The APHSNZ reserves the right to appoint a representative/inspector to be present during Halal production runs. It is the duty of the Halal inspector to ensure that the manufacturer conforms to the guidelines and requirements mentioned in the contract.

APHSNZ reserves the right to perform an unannounced random inspections at any of the manufacturer’s plants. It is the manufacturer’s duty to ensure that inspectors are provided with adequate clearance and freedom to satisfactorily perform their duties.

Any accommodation arrangements required by the inspector must be made by the manufacturer prior to the inspector’s arrival at the manufacturer’s processing plant.

All Halal products must be segregated from non-Halal product at all times. Segregation can be provided by leaving ample space between Halal and non-Halal products, by providing a physical barrier or by providing totally separate storage areas for Halal and non-Halal products.

At no time can any exposed pig or pig by-products be stored in the same storage area as Halal product.

Chillers or freezers containing any pig or pig by-products cannot have Halal product stored in them.

Halal and non-Halal, excluding any pig or pig by product, products may be stored in the same chiller / freezer so long as there is adequate separation between the product as discussed above.

Transportation of Halal and non-Halal product must meet the same criteria mentioned above: that is, no pig or pig-by products must be transported in the same truck/container and any Halal or non-Halal product transported in the same truck/container must be correctly segregated as mentioned above.